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Coil Solutions

Power decoilers are a better solution for operating in plant rollformers.

  • The frame construction is a weldment of structural steel welded into a rigid frame. Adjustable feet are provided enabling the machine to be set perfectly level.
  • They contribute to a longer life of the machine by allowing a smoother operation.

Our decoilers are suitable for continuous rollforming processes as well as stamping operations.

  • They avoid stock deformation problems. The stock is supported on the center core and is unreeled as required. They are the best choices for thin pre-painted coils as well as copper coils.
  • The Grover decoilers are provided with a loop control so it unreels as needed by constantly providing a smooth feed to the rollformer.
  • The decoilers are provided with a variable speed drive to allow for easy speed adjustments.

Manual Decoilers

  • Grover also provide manual coil handling systems that are ideal when using lighter coil and also for basic recoiling operations.
  • Smooth mandrel expansion.

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