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Elbow Machines

Since 1958, Grover machine company puts many years of experience into the design and construction of these great elbow forming machines. They've proven themselves on countless jobs in this country and overseas.

There are several models available, assuring you the machine that’s just right for your size and type of operation.

Turn Your Downspout Scrap into Profit

  • Elbows are made from your conductor pipe in aluminum, steel or copper and there's never damage to the protective coating. Smaller model machines can be used at the job site as well as in the shop.
  • Elbows can be formed from pipe lengths as short as 7.5”, which are usually thrown away as scrap. The Grover elbow machine is very practical to make 1 piece custom offsets.

Automatic Operation

  • For the elbow you need, just select the desired angle and insert the elbow blank. The machine does the rest, and stops when the operation is complete.
  • You can select angles from 30 through 90, and change dies quickly for A or B type elbows. All models have automatic control system with control cabinet, momentary contact start-stop switch, selector switch for manual or automatic operation, and continuous operation of the crimper, which is located on the side of the machine.

Automatic End Crimper

  • The machine is equipped with an automatic end crimper.
  • Two different styles of crimp are offered:
    • Side Crimp
    • Corner Crimp

Tools and Features

  • Bearings: Oilless type
  • Ways: Hardened tool steel and bronze for wear-free service.
  • Forming Dies: High quality tool steel, hardened and chrome plated for long service life without damage to paint coatings.
  • Size of Tooling:
    • 2x3, 3x4, 3x3, 2.5/8 x 2.5/8, 4x4, 4x5
    • 3" Round, Plain, and Corrugated
    • 4" Round, Plain, and Corrugated
    • 5" Round, Plain, and Corrugated
    • 6" Round, Plain, and Corrugated
    • Custom Tooling

Additional Features and Options

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