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J Channel Machine


  • Frame Construction: The frame construction is a weldment of structural steel welded into a rigid frame. The frame is machined to provide a true plane for the assembly of the forming stations. Adjustable feet are provided enabling the machine to be set perfectly level.
  • Forming Stations: All the forming rolls coming into contact with the painted surface of the conductor pipe are hard chrome plated to insure long roll life and protect the finish on the pipe.
  • Best Drive in the Industry:  All the stations of the machines are driving stations, top and bottom. They are all spring loaded which creates a constant load on the material. The springs make our gutter machines the most versatile on the market allowing you to run different material with virtually no adjustments.
  • Versatile:  Grover also provides a variable width J channel machine from 0.5’’ to 1.25’’ wide. To change width, the operator will need to move the entry feeding guides manually and then adjust the width of the rollformer. A 1⁄4 hp motor powers that adjustment.

Automatic Control

The machine can be provided with manual controls or fully automatic controls. Our automatic machines are equipped with the Grover Smart Digital Panel. you can run as many as 5 different jobs and the machine will run them automatically. The machine counts and runs preset quantities automatically. Length control is through an electronic measuring counter. The operator can program the length and the number of pieces to be run. When the operator presses the «START» button, the machine will run the pre-programmed length, stop, cut and restart. This cycle will automatically repeat until the «STOP» button is pressed or the pre-programmed number of pieces has been run. The operation of our downspout machine is very efficient.

Additional Features

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